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    Advantages of roller chains

    2021-03-29 10:18:51

    Roller chains have the advantages of reducing friction, noise, and smoothing without grease. At present, the strength of engineering plastics is still relatively low, so it can only be used to make chains for small conveyor machines and rollers on lighter conveyor chains. Using oil-containing powder metallurgy materials to make chain sleeves and rollers can also have the effect of reducing friction and not being smooth, and the weight of powder metallurgy materials is lighter than steel. Of course, a chain with good working performance under high temperature and corrosive conditions is also guaranteed by using special performance materials.


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    The chain is evolved from the early malleable cast iron chain, S type is -shaped chain plate, C type is straight chain plate. It is suitable for the places where the chain plate slides on the track during the transportation of crops and articles, and the embossed boss in the middle of the C-shaped chain plate (the boss should be higher than the pin rivet head) is suitable for in-plane operation of the chain Use the boss as the sliding pair to touch the track to prevent the end of the pin from wearing and avoiding the failure of the chain.


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